We are always humbled to receive messages of thanks for the work we are passionate about. Here are some of the kind messages we have received from parents, teachers, young people and even members of our team. 

"Hi Neil and Maria Thanks so much for facilitating this. Thanks too for your obvious dedication & attempts to find something and then making it work for this young person. It’s much appreciated!"
Community Care Worker
Devon CC
"I would highly recommend. very supportive team members. very accommodating, very reliable. a non-profit organisation so value for money. Wouldn't use anyone else but this team."
Parent of young person CST regularly support.
"I just wanted to thank you for your very quick response to us today and the support you are offering to **** at this time. I look forward to working with you more in the future."
Placements Manager
Torbay Children’s Services
"Thank you Neil, **** and your team have been invaluable in ensuring the positive outcome from the weekend. It really is much appreciated. They have been nothing but professional throughout."
Social Worker LAC Team
"CST are like superhero’s!"
Young Person
Year 5 student who has not attended school for nearly a year and is about to transition to a new school.
"I feel as a parent CST has made such a massive difference and I now feel I have my child back to how I know him I honestly can’t recommend you all enough."
Parent of the year 5 student
"Maria is a great enabler. She is gentle and kind. She makes me feel safe. In the summer we went to a cafe together called Fresha and had lovely cups of tea. We also went on the train together. Sometimes I see Neil and he is great as well."
Young person
Supported weekly to a sports club and school holidays
"My son has loved his first year with Maria and he can't wait to see her every week. She is the first person who has truly understood my son and his needs (Autism, PDA, Visual Impairment), and creates a very bespoke experience for him. She advocates for him which means the world to me, as there is another person on his side. He is now thriving as a result of spending time with Maria."
Supported via the Disability Children’s Team
"Thank you so much for looking out for and engaging with our most vulnerable children and their families over the holiday period and diligently sharing on our safeguarding systems. It's hugely reassuring."
Head Teacher
Local special school for young people with SEMH
We have been working with CST for a term and a half now and have seen lots of extremely positive changes in the child they are working with. They have provided consistency of support which has allowed for the child to feel secure enough to make positive changes in their level of trust of adults and their behaviour. Their communication with the school has been second to none and has led to a really positive collaboration with school, CST and the family. Would highly recommend!'
Deputy Head Teacher
Sidmouth C of E Primary School
"It's great to feel like a valued member of the team, and knowing that the team has a very diverse set of skills so there is always someone to go to when advice is needed about certain topics/activities. It's much more interesting than your normal 9-5 job 😁"
CST Superhero !
Member of our team
“Working with, not for, an employer who readily acknowledges your skills, passion and love of the role, then your job is no longer’ just a job’ It does take certain people to work in this role(s). Neil and the team have been very fortunate to have a management and family (wouldn’t call them staff) who recognise this everyday that is what makes CST such an inspirational place to work"
CST Superhero !
Member of our team
"Neil and his dedicated team have been excellent and instrumental in ensuring very positive outcomes for our children. Their dedication and child centred approach has been instrumental in supporting not only the young person but the wider professional team. Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you in the future."
Education Consultant 11-18 (LAC)
Plymouth City Council


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