About Us

Committed to providing quality educational support and care

for children and young people.

Who are we?

The Community Support Team has been a long-term passion for of one of our directors. They wanted to set up an organisation that provided support to children and young people and give something in return to the local community, building a community for the community.


After working for a number of private companies they consulted with local authorities and local government to develop a range of quality services without the financial burden of using private companies. These companies have made excessive profits from those that are most in need and it needed a team of compassionate, caring and dedicated staff to make a change in the way support is provided.


Community Support Team have led the way in showing a new way of working and providing both best value and outstanding outcomes for those we work with.

A little about us...

People over profit

As a community interest company, we are dedicated to providing a range of services to support children, young people and young adults to achieve their potential, and enable them to build skills to help them throughout their lives.

We are committed to invest any profits back into regular and targeted staff training which enhances the quality of the services we offer. Investing in our team is a key commitment to grow the experience of our staff, and broadening our expertise.


We have already helped a member of our team complete their degree by funding an additional module for children and young people, and all of our team have benefitted from additional access to specialist training in the last 2 years around the impacts of the pandemic and mental health for young people. Our team have access to over 70 training modules via our online training portal ensuring regular CPD.


We have also provided financial support to local charities and support groups via donations and also by giving time to community events and fundraisers for additional support within the local community.

Links to helpful websites

If you cannot reach us or have concerns about a child’s well-being, please follow this link:

Some great free courses for parents and carers:

Our sister charity offers support to adults and families:

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