Supporting Mental Health in schools

We are incredibly happy to continue our support of the local community and the schools we work with. We know that there are so many young people who have genuine anxieties and fears around education and attending school. The Community Support Team’s commitment to supporting local community projects and local groups is at the core of all we do. We are also passionate about working with local companies and organisations to build further community partnerships.

We have recently teamed up with a local book supply agent, Maria’s Books and have sponsored 4 sets of specialist books around mental health to be given to our 2 closest primary schools, Highweek and Wolborough C of E Primary school as well as 2 schools we have worked with in supporting young people back into Education, Sidmouth Primary and Bowhill Primary School. 

These books will be a great resource to the staff at the schools and help them to work with young people struggling with their feelings, emotions and anxieties.