Bespoke Educational Packages

Bespoke educational packages for children and young people with SEND.  

Alternative provision through 1:1 mentoring and tutoring

  • Young people refusing to attend due to anxiety or due to medical reasons 
  • Specialists in supporting young people with autism, attachment disorder  and children with complex mental health needs 
  • Persistent disruptive behaviours 
  • School refusers  
  • Transition back into education following illness and exclusion 


We regularly work with, and accept referrals from the following:

  • Direct referrals from School SEND Co’s 
  • Local Authority: EOTAS –  0 /25 SEN  –  Inclusion Teams 
  • YOT inclusion and support Team 
  • Medical inclusion and wellbeing Team 


Our SLT – ensuring we provide the best outcomes for all

We look at each case referred to us on an individual basis, our SLT have regular meetings to ensure we are the right team to provide the best outcomes for each young person. If we feel we are not the right team we will always be honest and let you know. We are totally child focused and our priority is to give every young person we work with the best opportunities to succeed. We continue to reflect and review each young person we work with regularly and if we feel we are not meeting the aims and objectives of the support, we will advise you and discuss if there are other opportunities with other services. We will not continue to take money from the local authorities if we feel we are not providing best value with the requested outcomes. 


Our Senior Leadership Team:


Head of Learning - AQA administrator

Maria is a qualified teacher and former deputy head and head of languages at a large secondary school. She worked tirelessly to provide students with many social and emotional difficulties the opportunities to succeed. 


Outdoor Learning Lead

Jimi loves being outside and has years of experience both within residential schools and alternative provision. He was previously a regional manager for a company providing specific learning opportunities through outdoor learning.  


Mental Health Lead

Cher  is a qualified counsellor and previously worked as a specialist HLTA for SEND children in a primary school. Cher’s experience can help the young people she supports and works with to understand the issues they face with their mental health and accessing education. Cher is also a great help to the team when they need to discuss any concerns around the mental health of both children and families they are supporting.  


Positive Behaviour Lead

Mike is a qualified and experienced tutor and youth worker. Mike assists the team with help on developing skills around positive behaviour and restorative practice. Mike is also qualified to provide training in personal intervention, management of aggression and violence as well as classroom management training. We are able to offer these services to schools and other services that need assistance in this area. 


AQA Unit Award Scheme

The AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) offers everyone we support the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed. There are no limits on what can be accredited, as long as it is worthwhile and meaningful for the young person. 


All of the young people we work with and support can work towards Unit Awards certificates, whether these are core subjects, vocational courses or interests around hobbies 


Flexibility is key with UAS, and their motto is ‘Achievement for All’. We encourage and support all of the young people we work with to show them what they can do, rather than what they can’t. 


Whether you’re curious about what we do, you or someone you know needs help or advice, please reach out to us…